The End & The Beginning

The last week of school was quite a week here in our home.  The Monday was very stressful, leading to a very busy Tuesday – Thursday.  We had graduations and parties and gifts and programs.  The girls did very well and we are very proud of them – not just for their academics, but their character.  For our family, the grade on ‘character’ on your report card, or from conversations with your teacher, ranks equal to the academics.  

I’ll never forget the time I met with one of the girls’ teachers in Virginia.  They were ready to show me all of her academic work, her grades, etc. etc.  I briefly glanced at them and then asked how she was handling herself in class.  Did she get along well with other students?  Was she polite?  Did she respect the teacher?  I think she thought I was from a different planet and stumbled through the answers.  But, you know, in life – an A in Math is simply an A in math, but if she accomplished that A in math while ignoring the teacher and being rude to students who were trying to be kind to her, I am not sure that ‘A’ was worth its’ value.

The situations the girls deal with at school, the people they interact with, and even the teachers they have are all teaching them life lessons – lessons that aren’t taught from a book, but are embedded in their minds and in their heart.  And, as parents, we pray for their protection, for wisdom in their decisions, and that the Lord will direct our guidance to them in a way that honors Him and allows our children to be a light for His glory in this world.

And now, my friends….summer begins – a whole new set of lessons to be learned…. in patience…. :).