Peanut Butter

My friend Carrie LOVES Cadbury Mini-eggs….i mean loves loves loves them.  She usually has a stash to last her all year.  I’ve never quite understood an obsession like that until I discovered Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs.  Oh My.  If you ever want to ask me a favor, tell me thanks, or just simply make my day most excellent…..give me one of these and I’ll be your friend forever!

Hungry yet?


Monday Musings

A few things you might not know about me-

  • I love chocolate peanut butter corn pops.
  • I have a reputation for being a bit testy if I run out of chocolate.
  • I like processes and systems and all things organized.
  • My husband is a much better cook/chef than I am and I am so so thankful.
  • My children and I have all tripped on our own feet and ran into walls that were there the whole time, but somehow got in our way.
  • I love reubens and hot dogs and sauerkraut, but alas, my children haven’t experienced this due to an aversion to the smell of sauerkraut by a certain person in our home.