“…above and beyond…”

RLA_3508These days have flown by – some seasons seem lifetimes ago, and others just a few days.  How is it, then, that it seems only a short while ago we were worried about where to send our oldest to kindergarten – charter school, public school, home school?  We didn’t know.  And then through a process of every other door shutting…we did.  And now here we are, only one week from her graduation from high school.   So much in between, yet so quickly it seems to have passed.  There will be no more standardized state tests, no more rides to/from school, no more homecoming dances, no more school plays for this one.  Part of me is excited for the next adventure for her.  And the other part of me (which seems to win most days) stays in that happy/sad place of things changing.  It is tough – tougher than I thought it would be.

But now, I am reminded of our prayer for her as she entered kindergarten, and how in God’s amazing way, we have watched it play out – even as her steps for what is next are becoming clear:c74a6c4fa41f479f6c681c2513041691

(And now…back to the Kleenex… :))


2 thoughts on ““…above and beyond…”

  1. She will go away, become an adult, and then you can enjoy the next phase of her life. You have two left to spoil now, and then one, and by then the first to leave will have a family, and you get to start all over. 🙂

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