The stack

IMG_0677I like books.  Yes I do.  I go through phases of Kindle books versus “real” books – no real winner in my mind except maybe for the ease of getting a book on the Kindle versus checking one out.  I buy very few books unless they are THAT good.  I always have the hope of sharing with others the books I read as there are some great ones and not so great ones, especially in the fiction world when you don’t want to read about gratuitous sex, filter every other word you read, or encounter paragraph after paragraph of violence.  As my family will tell you, I bring at least one book per day of a vacation simply because it is highly unlikely they will all be read to completion BUT if every single one of them is that good, then I need one per day!

For today then, a view of my current stack and I HOPE to come back to you soon with suggestions!  One for now – for sure – is Bill Hybels newest book Simplify.



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