The Adjusting of Normal

When our children were young, I remember the one moment, oh so brief, when I thought I knew what was next.  I knew what the normal was supposed to be, as it had happened at least 2-3 days in a row, so now I could relax and know what to expect.  BAA HAA HAA HAA.  Laugh with me now….. especially those with children under age 3.

It seems our “normal” changes constantly throughout life and we can either bang our head on the wall in frustration of not having the days and moments exactly to our liking OR we can simply take on the philosophy of “this is the new normal”.  When the infant child sleeps through the night – normal!  When the same child, now not so infant, decides to wake up at 5AM for weeks at a time – well, adjusting the normal.  I mean really – what choice is there that will keep you sane?  Spend weeks trying to adjust their body clock, exhausting yourself or simply adjusting your schedule to be productive at 5AM versus your normal productivity at 9AM (when they used to get up).  You know what is hardest?  It takes sacrifice.  It takes putting that other person first.  And sometimes – it is simply easier to be mad than to serve and sacrifice for someone else.

IMG_6959So, if you are trying to put life back into order of the normal that was a few weeks, months, or years ago – release yourself of that expectation.  Adjust the trajectory of your path and fully live in the present of what your normal is now.  Ask the Lord to direct where He wants your energies and place your focus on what is directly in front of you.  I think you will be surprised at how freeing that can be (and that statement is coming from a “Type A – plan it way ahead person”).  Amazingly enough, it really isn’t all about me and my plans….rather it is Jesus, the ultimate Planner of our lives.

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