5 months…to the day!

April to September.  5 months.  150ish days.  I have been silent.  (Well, only in blog world, really).  And the most interesting part – I really couldn’t tell you why I haven’t blogged, but maybe I could circle around some reasons?IMG_6577

Possibly it was the transition from school schedule to summer schedule in our home?  Possibly it was the focus on training for another triathlon that sucked my time?  Possibly it was simply I wasn’t allowing myself the time to write to release all of those stories and thoughts in my head?  Or possibly it was simply I no longer kept it a priority in the list of things to do.  Most likely – it is the later one combined with letting life swirl re-actively around me versus me being proactive with my choices.  It is ironic to me when I look at it that way – I am supposed to know better!

So – now I am giving myself the grace to write.   It may only be read by a few, but that is okay.  It takes it from my mind to my fingers to my blog and during that process, I usually sort out a few things I have been struggling with, and that is makes it worth it to me.

So, welcome back to me.  Looking forward to sharing with you again.

5 thoughts on “5 months…to the day!

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