There are moments…

…when I go from “what was I thinking” to “I can do this.”  Those moments are usually milliseconds apart, versus minutes.  I have learned as I am training for this triathlon that there is so much more of a mental battle versus a physical battle.  My mind will give in way before my body has to stop.  It has been very interesting learning about myself over the past few months and realizing how much what we are saying in our heads to ourselves plays out into our life. 

This past weekend I realized that I probably won’t be able to listen to my music while racing, which caused a momentary panic of my mental state.  You see, I have the songs timed a certain way – a song that tells me when I should be done with my first mile of the 5k, another song that makes me pedal faster as I near the end of the 20k, and just some song that you can’t help but smile at.  How in the world can I do this race … in silence.  So- I decided to try it on Sunday.  With only the birds and the wind, I completed the 20k bike and 5k wog (walk + jog = wog).  I still kept my pace and didn’t stop- woo hoo for me!  And, yes it was a bit boring, but I just sang to myself and…a little quirk about me… I did math problems.  Yes, that is quirky me.  When I am swimming or biking or wogging, I do math problems to pass the time (and it works!)

Silence is good.  And in this silence I’ll keep my mental state stuck on the phrase of “you can do this” versus “are we done yet?” (and throw in a few math problems along the way.)

3 thoughts on “There are moments…

  1. You will do great Chris. so proud if you already!! It really is all mental isn’t it?? So hard to conquer those negative thoughts. Will be praying and praying for you this weekend!! Much love Diana

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  2. I know what you mean about your mind giving in before your body will. I think it’s so great that you were able to train one time without music, because that will make all the difference, during the race, knowing that you can and that you’ve done it before. Math problems: I know what you mean, when all else fail, I am not as elaborate as you, but I do work with numbers, I count my steps from one mailbox to the next, one line on the floor to the next, etc… then I mix my breathing in, count my steps in my breathing etc… and you’re right, it works! Looking forward to catching up with you after the race.

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