The secret is out

I have a secret.  Only one other person has known about it since January.  Some would say it is silly that I kept this a secret, but you know how we all have those “BHAG’s” (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)?  Well, this is one of mine.  And, to be looking at reaching this goal – well, it just simply makes me cry.  I told the girls about it a few weeks ago, and then a couple of YMCA buddies.  Now, I will tell you.  For me, that is the final step in saying “yes, I will do this”. 

So, you ask…what is this secret?  The secret is…….I am competing in a triathlon on April 21.  It is a Sprint Triathlon (300m swim (shorter than usual) / 20k bike / 5k run).  I have been confident of the swim part for a long time now, as I competed on swim team in high school.  Biking – well I can do that.  Run – not so much.  Thus, the running aspect of a triathlon, not to mention putting all three of those together in one race has kept me on the sidelines.  A few years ago, I wrote down this BHAG and said that I wanted to compete in a triathlon by the time I was 40.  Well, folks, that is this year.  🙂

In typical Chris fashion, I researched all the Sprint Tri’s in our area, found “Couch to Tri” plans that might work, and sat down and created a do-able schedule for myself from January 8 – April 20.  I began my “training” and gave myself until March 1 to register for the Tri of my choosing.  I figured by that time, I would know if I could really pull this off or not.  It is now April 8 as I write this and I must say – I am pretty excited that I have made it this far and think there is a very real possibility that I can complete this race!  I will complete this race.

The running part still makes me nervous, and I do what I like to call a “wog” – walk/jog.  I can keep a good pace consistently and each week I’ve gotten a little faster.  Will you see me sprinting across the finish line?  No.  But, my goal isn’t to sprint.  It is to finish this race. 

So now the secret is out.  I am sure I’ll write more as the days continue.  But one thing – I do know I am now accountable to you and that I will do my best to finish this race because I want to be a woman of my word.  And maybe along the way I can help someone else who has a BHAG….one step at a time. 

12 thoughts on “The secret is out

  1. OOOOH. I’m so excited for you!!! And you inspire me, I’ve always thought a triathlon was way out of my reach. I’m going to wait and see how it goes and get your feedback first before I ever commit to one.

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