Three more days until Christmas.  The anticipation.  The excitement.  The last minute “oh no, I forgot (fill in the blank).”  Just three more days!

Three more days also until a new book releases that I hope you’ll add to your “after Christmas” purchases.  I’ve had a sneak peek at this book, Wonderstruck,  and must tell you of one of my “oh wow” moments.  Margaret Feinberg speaks of a time that she only prayed three word prayers.   Sounds simple….but you should try it.  You choose your words wisely and you really focus on what you are saying.  As Margaret writes:

“Each syllable reminded me of this truth.  Stripped of presumption and arrogance, of mindlessness and meaninglessness, I found myself crossing the threshold of God’s domain and choosing divine will over my will and handing back what I mistook as my own.” 

We have three more days until Christmas, so why not take the challenge – only three word prayers for three days.  Let’s make Christmas 2012 a time when your prayer life is taken to new level, and your relationship with our Savior deepens. 


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