My Two Cents…

We have been through an election.  Or more like, we’ve been through the months and months of campaigning and he said this, he said that, don’t do this, don’t do that.  Billions of dollars were spent on all sides.  We voted.  The result – a similar lay out in our Congress of split parties and a Democratic president.6616958_s

Now, our news is filled with stories of the “cliff”.  Back to the he said this, he said that, doomsday is coming, doomsday is gone….well, you get my point.  But, we’ve been through months of campaigning of “my way in better than yours,” we’ve voted, so can we please move on?  As we tell our children –

“Put your big boy/ big girl panties on and deal with it.”

I understand  there are huge issues at stake, complicated tasks at hand, and more layers of words than I will ever fully understand.  But, can we step back just for a brief moment and remember that our economy is still lagging, our neighbors are still losing jobs, and lives are being effected for generations.  This isn’t the time to play “we are going to do it my way,” stomp your foot, and slam the door on your way out to play with your friends.  We don’t let our children act like that and get away with it, so why in the world are adults acting this way, thinking it will have any effective outcome?

I don’t understand, nor do I claim to ever understand all of the complications of politics, tax code, tax rates, capital gains, increases, decreases, etc. And, I imagine my small understanding of this is about 1% of the whole truth.  But, one truth that we can all agree on is that our government needs to remember they are playing with real lives, not a Monopoly game where we can just toss the board aside when we land on our opponents’ hotel laden Park Place and lose it all, including my two cents.

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