It has been quite a whirlwind (literally) of a week for most of the East Coast.  One week ago, the winds began to pick up and we all wondered what the weekend would hold.  For us  – it was lots of wind and rain.  For others -horrible amounts of wind and rain that caused, and are causing, massive amounts of heartache.

It was a rather amazing thing to witness the power of the weather.  We spent Friday- Sunday with the winds pushing against the front of our home (coming from the East).  This wind caused any rain that fell to be blown away, and also the water in the Sound to be blown out.  Then, on Sunday it completely reversed with the winds blowing from the west on Monday, and our yard begin to fill with water (and the Sound refilled).  Through it all, though, we kept our power and kept a close eye on The Weather Channel.  The first two pics below were taken on Sunday – the peak of the storm for our area.  The third pic was taken Tuesday morning -incredible, huh.

This dock is the same dock in the first picture that we are climbing down.

Today, I am thankful for a return to normal, for power to have, for internet to use, and for water to drink.  Some are not there yet, and for them we pray.  The Lord sustains all those throughout the East Coast, even when they are the furthest from understanding His ways.


2 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. I will be forwarding this postto several friends who have asked about the Mattix family…in this country and in Germany. Thank you, Chris. Love, MOM


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