Pure Fun

Have you ever had a moment or experience that you walked away from going – WOW – that was amazing, energizing, and so much fun.  Now, was that moment something you did for “work”?  I’ll admit, for the most part, I don’t usually associate those really fun amazing moments with something that I would do for a job.  Alas, though, this past weekend was pure fun!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve served as a day of coordinator for several weddings – mainly for family and friends.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of providing this coordination for another wedding and it was truly a blast.  It was one of the first weddings I’ve done where I didn’t know the majority of the people – I was just “the coordinator” to most.  And, I loved it!! 


What, you ask, aspect did I love the most?  The aspect that brought the most satisfaction was knowing that by simply being there and coordinating the details of the day, I was allowing the bride, groom, and their families the opportunity to savor this once in a lifetime day.  They didn’t have the stress of answering tons of questions or the fear of something going wrong,  but they could simply relax and enjoy each moment of the day, knowing someone else was taking care of it.  What a privilege and an honor it was to be that “someone else”. 

(And in case you wondered, I am still enjoying working as a life & leadership coach.  That way I see it, life coaching and day of coordinating have quite a few of the same characteristics ….. planning, encouraging, inspiring…. ).  🙂


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