May has come….and is almost gone

One day turns into another, which turns into a week, which turns into a month.  All the while, I think it is only a few days of passing since blogging, only to be reminded it is not. 

May has been a month of “different.”  My husband spent 9 days in the Wyoming backpacking while the girls and I “manned the fort.”  It was a good time for all, but exhausting at the same time.  Then, the reality comes of adjusting back to having everyone home again, to just have him leave again for a work conference.  Alas, though, this week has been as normal as it can get!  I have no idea, and much much respect and awe for those moms around me whose husbands are only home about 25-50% of the year due to their employment.  I think the Lord gives them an extra dose of mercy and grace……

School is ending here in the next two weeks and summer officially begins with sleeping in, staying up late, and outdoor pool time.  It was a hard reality this morning when dropping my oldest off at school for her last day (she is exempt from exams for the next 2 weeks due to good grades).  I realized this was the last time I’d be pulling in front of the school dropping her off.  Next school year, SHE will be driving and we will be another one of those families who takes a few extra minutes to switch drivers once we arrive at school.  And, for memories sake – a picture of ME at the age my daughter is NOW………….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (yes, I am the top right…hair and all)19064_1340254031846_1396037883_909074_5214763_n


2 thoughts on “May has come….and is almost gone

  1. Well now, you definitely know I LIKE this post, Daughter. I’m still “shaking” from riding in the passenger’s seat those first few months of driving lessons. And we all know my left hand automatically whaps the driver now and then to “pay attention.” I love you. Mom

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