Orange & Purple

The orange and the purple folders were filed away today.  It was all a part of closure for me that the next season is here.  You see, orange and purple were 2 life coaching clients who successfully completed their time with me!

The proper closure is a big deal to me.  It frees me mentally  to move to the next thing or take action steps.  This week, the action steps taken by 2 of my life coaching clients were complete.  Their time was up – but not in a bad way.  They had done it – met their goals, moved forward, accomplished the things that had been nagging them for months.  There is now order to their days and a direction to their movement.

Is it perfect? Nope.  Are we ever going to get it all right?  Nope.  But, there is a plan to return to for purple and orange when the bumps of life knock us over.  There is the momentum of knowing who we are created to be and operating in that. What an awesome place to be, and what an awesome way to close this short season of their lives with me as their life coach.  I am simply so thankful for orange and purple, and so proud of the commitment they made to be who our God created them to be and to live life well in the present tense.

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