A Brief Respite

23 days since my last post.  A bit too long for me.  But, a bit of here, there and everywhere for me.

Highlights of the last 23 days?

– Celebrated our 19 year anniversary by going on a beautiful dinner sail….but dinner ended up being eaten 2 hours later than planned due to a bit of an engine malfunction.  We were on our sailboat, so technically that should be no big deal, except for the fact that we had planned to simply motor out a bit from the marina, anchor and enjoy the sunset and a meal.  There was no wind.  We had just left the marina – within reaching distance of the pylons – when the motor said its final farewell to us and we ended up sailing for 2 hours in circles, tacking back and forth 200 yards from the marina, coming ever so close to the pylons and the ropes that we would eventually pull ourselves back into our slip with.  Needless to say, it was a memorable anniversary!

– A week later I headed on a unplanned trip to Mississippi to be with my parents during an unexpected stint in the hospital by my mother.  It was a good 4 days of a mini-family reunion, even if it was at the hospital.  All are well now – or at least on their way to well.  And, the 4 Meints’ joyfully concurred that we are a stubborn family with a very high pain threshold…ah, the legacy we all pass to our children!

Those two events were enough to throw my lovely routine out of whack for a few days.  But, oh what an adventure our life is.  I was reminded by both how we have to savor the present.  And sometimes – just sometimes – we can only hold on tightly to our Lord’s hand – the planner of my days and keeper of the agenda of my life.

PS – That sailboat is for sale now if anyone is interested.  It is a great boat – you’ll just need a new outboard motor.  🙂

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