Five Minute Friday today – word is Empty.  Ready. Set. Go


…..what my checking account feels after I fill up my Explorer for gas for the week (errr…a few days).

…..how my home sounds when the children are all at school.

…..what my soul feels when I’ve been away from Scripture too long.

…..the feeling we try and avoid by filling our lives with busy-ness just to mask the hurt we feel.

…..how my leading is when I say things that I have not been faithful to do on my own.

…..the impact of my words when said with a proud spirit.

…..the image of a bed that was once occupied by two…now occupied by the one left behind.

…..the image of the woman who has to endure another Mother’s Day without a child to call her own.

Empty – regardless of the image or situation, it is a word normally felt with sadness, and often without hope.  One thing, though, that bypasses all of these thoughts is the tomb – the tomb our Jesus was in, but now….it is empty.  And that emptiness has the power to surpass all other circumstances, feelings, situations, and thoughts for if death cannot hold our Lord, the emptiness of that tomb must cause us to rejoice!


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