Linking up with Five Minute Friday again and what a word today – Ache.  And, how appropriate for all the thoughts running through my head this week.  Ready.  Set.  Go –


Ache – that feeling I get when inside I hurt for someone.  Maybe I hurt for them for a physical ailment, but more often than not, it is for a mental reason.  I put myself in their shoes for just a moment and ache for what is to come or what has been –

I ache for the 50 year old woman I saw with a black purse that had seen many many years, full of rips and held together by a rubber band.   I wondered why she didn’t have another…a simple ache when taking in the whole picture of her outer appearance, BUT then tucked away a bit further by the smile on her face and the enjoyment she felt in watching a theater performance, oblivious to those around her who clearly had no issues with worn out clothing or accessories.

I ache for the family at the restaurant with the young boy who was severely overweight.  I wondered what his future would hold.  Whether the weight was by choice or a medical condition, the result is the same.  A tough time growing up to be a man in a world that puts so much emphasis on the physical.

I ache for the people I know who have been deeply hurt by the careless words of another.  Careless words that were obliviously said, unaware of the impact those words would have on those around them.  I ache to think of my words and the times I may have done the same.

And you – what do you ache for?


One thought on “Ache

  1. What a reminder of the words that can cause so much ache to others. I ache for injustices, like abortions and abuse. I also ache for friends and their stories. I ache for sad and angry people too. Thank you for sharing your story.

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