Thursday Thoughts

Next to my bed – at least 3 books.

On my Kindle – WAY too many books to acknowledge that are waiting to be read, or partially read.

In my work bag – at least 2 books

In my purse – well, that is usually the Kindle, thus……

Thoughts for you from my various readings…..:)

In relation to politics – “It is easier to make a point versus making a difference.” Andy Stanley

In relation to life – “Life is a gift.  Eternity is a reality.  The only thing that makes it all better is Jesus Christ.”  Perry Noble

In relation to marriage – “It either gets better or it gets bitter.”  Mark Driscoll

In relation to our purpose – “The first roadblock for many of us is simply a pace of life that keeps us running so fast, we never purposefully think about the big picture – much less take proactive steps to course-correct.”  Shaunti Feldhahn

In relation to the thoughts coming from my mind – “Normal” is different for everyone and until we fully realize that your normal may not be my normal we will have a hard time releasing our expectations and being full of grace and kindness toward one another.  Chris Mattix

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