There was a time when I thought I was pretty much not imperfect.  I wouldn’t say I was perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I rarely saw flaws in myself (as my husband can attest).  The longer time goes on, though, oh how flawed I am.  I love the quote from the below blog:  “Perfection is a prison, and pretending to be perfect keeps the real you hidden behind a mask.”  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wearing masks so I’m living my life without those masks – messy me and all.


On Second Chances

by Mike Foster   |  Tags: ,

Zoom out

When you zoom in on a person, their imperfections are all we see.  When we zoom in on ourselves, our mistakes and shortcomings shout down every positive thing we’ve ever thought about ourselves.  Zoomed in, there’s no way we deserve a second chance at anything.  But life isn’t lived zoomed in, and the zoomed-in you isn’t reality.  It’s a distortion, and most people never see those zoomed in flaws.  So zoom out, and give yourself permission to embrace that second chance.

Be imperfect

Life is messy, and people aren’t perfect.  When you totally flub something, tell us, because we all learn that way.  If you’re bruised or bent or messy inside, show us – because so are we.  Perfection is a prison, and pretending to be perfect keeps the real you hidden behind a mask.  Perfect people don’t need second chances, but they don’t exist, so let’s drop the pretense.  Striving for perfection is one thing, but in the meantime, be imperfect, and inspire us with your bravery.

Don’t be an expert

Most of us are just making crap up. We’re fakers about what we know.  And when we pretend to be experts, we’re a disservice to everyone around us.  We give bad advice, play the bad role model, and just plain confuse people.  Life is an experiment, and we don’t need to have all the answers.  That’s what second chances are all about – keeping the experiment going even after something fails.  Don’t be an expert; just be you.


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