Five Minutes of Grit

It’s that time of the week again – Five Minute Friday.  Today’s topic- grit.  Five minutes of writing.  No editing, over thinking, or stopping.  So, here we go—-

Grit –

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the plural of that word – grits.  Ever have really good Southern grits?  I hadn’t until we moved to North Carolina and received some as a “side” at a restaurant.  Ah, they were heavenly, but it wasn’t the grits that were heavenly.  It was simply that the grits were the conduit for all of the butter in that side dish.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum. 

Now – let’s go back to the non-plural – grit.  I think of those women who I know now who are in a part of their journey with our Lord that seems impossible, heart wrenching and to be honest – unfair.  Yet, they believe that our God is one Who sees all, knows all, and gets the big picture.  For whatever reason, this is the season in their life and they choose to walk through it, hiding in the shadow of His wing, resting securely in His love amidst the chaos and unanswered questions around them.

And, I see my own daughters as they begin their journey into teenage-hood.  They need to have grit to make it through these next years.  We all remember middle and high school, not realizing sometimes until afterward how tough it was to stand our ground and be different, even if it meant being lonely.  My heart aches remembering the times I felt so alone for being an “oddball” because I didn’t partake in some of the other things my “friends” were doing.  So, I pray for them consistently, reminding them of the One who directs their path, the One who holds the guide to their lives, and One who they can trust fully, and One who will always love them unconditionally no matter how they act or perform yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Yep – that is grit.


10 thoughts on “Five Minutes of Grit

  1. I didn’t even think of the food grits because I’ve never eaten them! The first word that popped into my mind was “True Grit” starring John Wayne.

    I love the reminder that God sees all and knows all. He is such a wonderful Father.

  2. Having a daughter in the beginnings of those teenage years, I understand precisely the concerns on your heart. Only our God can help us (and them) to navigate well those precarious and oftentimes HARD years.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes It does take grit to just take the next step in the journey, courage to keep going and trusting. We need to be determined to keep walking in faith. By the way…. being an English gal I have no idea what “grits” are…!!!! I’ve heard of them before I think, but maybe you can enlighten me!

  4. As one of the one’s in the midst…all I know is that GOD is REAL, INTENTIONAL and TRUSTWORTY…GRIT! That’s what helps me get through…and terrific friends like you!

  5. Often I think that being a teenager and learning how to be what we are to become, is practice for the adult world. We experience the same conflicts as adults, but we have learned to deal with them. Personally, my involvement in all things Christian when I was a teenager helped a lot: the fellowship I received from other like minded teens, and the guidence of our adult leader at school.

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