Lessons Learned in the Ladies Room

As any female in this world, there are often times that “nature calls” and you have to stop at the nearest gas station or fast food restaurant to use their restroom.  This was the case for me today. This morning, however, was extra special.  Why?  Because I learned two new things that I wanted to share with you so that when it happens to you, you won’t feel so alone –

1 – Don’t carry a conversation with the unknown lady in the next stall.  I learned all about my “stall mate” as she told me about her day, how great Gas Station X was, and then went on a bit about how “when you gotta go, you gotta go.”   Awkward.  Strange.  And, a bit disturbing.  And yes, I realize she was probably just being nice, oozing in Southern sweetness, but maybe next time she should save the conversation for her friends.  I mean really, isn’t that why women always go to the restroom in pairs?

2- Air blowing really hard on your hands can distort reality.  Here I was, simply trying to dry my hands the environmentally friendly way and I look down and see my skin wiggling around like Jello.  My veins were quite obvious, and my loose skin was even scarier.  Really – I don’t need another reminder that I am aging.  Isn’t the fluorescent lighting enough to cause any woman to try a new concealer the next day, if not as soon as she passes the next Target?

So – you are forewarned.  Have a plan when the unknown lady starts a conversation, and most definitely carry around your own roll of paper towels so you can avoid the scary air dryer.  😉


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