What my children are learning …

Do you ever wonder if your children are really listening to you?  Are they paying attention when you attempt to deliver an eloquent monologue on something important – such as printer ink?  Alas, my daughter shared with all those in her blog world what she learned today –


I am going to ask you a question………. when you are on the computer is your mom shaking ink and make Indian noises? Well if your mom isn’t come to my house and you can experience it. If you want to know why she is shaking and making Indian noises than I will tell you. Well our printer keeps saying that we have no ink left, so we have been shaking the ink for days because we know there is ink in there. Oh and about making Indian noises I don’t really know. I guess she is just being her.

Yes, my daughter, that is just me being me (as I attempted to explain why there was still ink, according to internet research, left in the cartridge when the printer says it’s empty!)


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