Glimpses of the Real

I am joining up with some other bloggers for Five Minute Friday today.  The topic?  Real.

Ready – GO-

Yesterday was a very busy day for this girl, but I was drawn over and over to “real” people dealing with “real” life.

The man on the side of the road being the “liberty statue” for a tax company.  What made it real?  He was probably in his 60’s  –  isn’t this the age you enjoy your children and grand children?

The woman at the doctors’ office with the crying baby….and I mean crying baby.  Meanwhile, her 2 year old is playing and laughing and talking loudly all around her – “Mama look at this.  Mama look at this.”  The office was cringing.  That baby was LOUD.  I was cringing.  That baby was LOUD.  This was REAL life for that mom – there were no options to not bring her kids with her to the doctor and she did what she had to do.

Real came home to roost at the end of the day with tears flowing down my cheeks as I had to answer one more question from my children, take care of one more thing for them and all I simply wanted at that one moment was to complete a simple task without interruption.  But this, my friends, is what REAL life is as a mom – no matter what the age of your kids.

And finally, the day ended with a real moment of sympathy and love from that man of mine.  Sensing his wife teetering on the edge of something…..he put the children to bed as I lay in the bathtub with bubbles all around me and only my nose sticking out of the water.

Real = Reality – some days its great, some days it’s not.


5 thoughts on “Glimpses of the Real

  1. awesome. loved the picture you painted. And I love the images you retold of your day…isn’t it funny that you saw a man dressed as Lady Liberty? Then the lady who was stressed with the kids at the Doctors…both pictures of you. At one point you wanted liberty to just do your task uninterrupted at the same point you had kids pulling at you from all angles – in the end your husband knew you needed and took care of the rest. I believe he is a picture of how your Heavenly Father feels about you…”Cast all your cares upon Him, for he cares for you” I pray rest for you this weekend…i like your “real” approach to this post.

  2. You’re so right about Real, some days it is great and some days it is not, but we have to keep going just the same. I love the comment which compared your husband’s care for you with our Father’s care for you.

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