You mean, that isn’t how you’d do it?

This past week I purchased a new computer.  Now, please note our family has always owned and purchased Mac’s for our use.  The only “non-Mac” in the house was Dean’s work computer.  Until now…

When push came to shove (and my eyes couldn’t take it anymore), I purchased a new Dell 15 inch laptop to replace my MacAir 11 inch laptop for about 1/3 the price of the similar size laptop at the Mac store.  It was quite difficult for me (and our finances) to even consider spending so much more for a Mac and after many weeks (and a very good deal), the husband gave in.  Now, there are two Dell’s in the house.

The irony of this story comes today when, after having it for a week, I am finally ready to use it for my work computer.  I have switched over my bookmarks, my various remote log ins, my mail accounts, and a lot of this and that.  I told Dean this tonight that I think I was ready to use it exclusively for work and he just laughed and said “you are so funny – you have to organize and make it just right before you’ll consider using it.”  I just looked at him and said “well, isn’t that how you’d do it?”  And of course, the man says “no – I’d just open it up and begin.”

His remark baffles me – I mean really, how can you just begin to work on it without cleaning up your files, organizing various bookmarks and calendars and email and making it all as you need it – seamless and efficient?  Now, if we switched this conversation to making dinner, the opposite would be true.  I’d say “just throw something together and eat it!”  He’d say – “no, we have to have the best ingredients, cut precisely the right way, cooked at exactly the right temperature for the right amount of time”.

Don’t you just love the sense of humor God has when he put us together in marriage?  Some days, the only thing I can do is laugh (and then re-organize and straighten the pile he left on the desk)…….  🙂


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