Day #9 & #10

DAY #9 & 10 of the 12 Days of Thanksgiving. 

(As many of us prepare for family, food, and fun tomorrow, let us remember these points….it may turn out to be the BEST Thanksgiving ever!)

9.       Flow Gratitude forward

When you are aware of the goodness and blessings you are grateful for, it naturally overflows to others with a desire to ‘flow forward’. This may be expressed by putting money in expired parking meters, volunteering with the poor, making meals for those in need, buying Christmas gifts for those who wouldn’t get one or just ‘being there’ when you can make a difference.


10      Feel appreciation in your heart

According to the ‘gratitude doctors’, feeling genuine gratitude and appreciation in your heart – literally – changes the state of your body and the neurons of your brain. The benefits are less stress, a healthier body, higher energy level, vitality, optimism, better memory and positive emotions like hope and happiness.

Click here to see the original author of the 12 Days of Thanksgiving.  


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