Day #7

DAY #7 of the 12 Days of Thanksgiving. 

7.       Let go and forgive with a grateful perspective

Gratitude is the cure for excessive materialism, envy, resentment, disappointment, bitterness – and other states that hinder our happiness. A woman once shared that she had been a victim of a racial crime and was so filled with anger and hatred that is was destroying her life. “Just the one shift in my perspective to be grateful and focus on the good in my life changed my heart and set me free from all the cords of bitterness and hatred.”

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One thought on “Day #7

  1. After 60 years, I can truthfully thank the Lord for my biological father. Father God used my earthly father’s abuse and neglect to mold me into the strong, compassionate woman I am today. For this I must be grateful.

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