Day #4 & 5

DAYS #4 & 5 of the 12 Days of Thanksgiving. 

(I am a little behind….so full of thankfulness, I am!  🙂

On a side note, I believe we can practice #5 all the time – grocery store, shopping, kids teachers, etc.  Remember the times someone has thanked YOU for something you assumed was taken for granted – what a great feeling.

4.       Give gestures of gratitude

Think of the people in your life you would like to express gratitude to with a meaningful gift or a ‘heart gift’. What would be a significant gift to them from you?

Unconditional love.  Patience. Hope. Encouragement. Appreciation. Affirmation. Forgiveness. Happiness and joy. Compassion. Freedom. Time. Your presence. Talents. Skill.

5.       Express intentional appreciation

Intentionally be aware of what others do to be helpful, kind and considerate. Say thank you. Show genuine appreciation. It improves your relationships. We all like to feel loved, valued and appreciated. Out of a grateful heart, pass on goodness and kindness to those close to you, who serve you, who are kind to you, who touch your life in some way.

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