Today, I am linking up with the Five Minute Friday.  The topic is remember.

I remember the years my kids were all underfoot, ages 1, 3 and 5.  Life was chaotic and all I simply remember is the struggle to make it from one day to the next.  There are few memories of my husband and his struggles and worrries, yet he tells me that was one of the most difficult seasons for him at work.  I wonder if possibly that was the Lord’s gift to us – me so consumed with the children and life and he so struggling with work, yet neither of us knew of the others’ battles until years later.

Remember – I often remember my own childhood at the ages that my children are now.  I remember my parents and what they were like, what my school was like, and my room.  I remember that even at that age, I loved to rearrange my room, and thought I was a super strong kid because I could move my dresser all by myself.

Remember – I remember going through growth spurts and waking up with incredible leg aches and the only way to ease them was to take a hot bath – in the middle of the night usually.  I remember my first community concert I was to play in on the viola.  That day, one of my many migraines hit me and I remember laying on my waterbed with a bucket shoved in the corner of the mattress, waiting for the pain to increase so that I would throw up, knowing I had a sweet release of just a few minutes and if I could fall asleep, all would be well.

Remember – I am so thankful that our Lord remembers not our sins, as far from the East to the West.  I am so thankful our Lord remembers me and knows my days.  I am so thankful that He never forgets.


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