The Narcotic of Activity

I have been reading A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World (Paul Miller).  I must say, it has taken me months to get through it.  I often stop, put it down – too overwhelmed with the truth of the statements to keep reading.  For today’s discussion, the following thoughts:

Many Christians give in to a quiet cynicism that leaves us unknowingly paralyzed. We see the world as monolithic, frozen. To ask God for change confronts us with our doubt about whether prayer makes any difference. Is change even possible? Doesn’t God control everything? If so, what’s the point? Because it is uncomfortable to feel our unbelief, to come face-to-face with our cynicism, we dull our souls with the narcotic of activity.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the narcotic of activity is much easier to handle than the waiting on the Lord.  Yet, where does that get me?  Does my activity provide the “peace that passes understanding”?  Why am I not content to just “be” rather than “do, do, do”.

For me, I think it is control and I think that is a key part of why we pray.  I am not in control of my life, no matter how much I try.  In the end, that one phone call, one moment of conversation of a tragedy, joy, change, decision can change a path I’ve worked so hard to be on.  My times are in His hand – the Creator who knows my innermost being.  Thus, by giving up that ‘control’ in praying and trusting, I release my facade of control.  Sounds easy….sounds simple…but as any addict can tell you, a narcotic of activity is hard to release.  May I take it one day at a time, one moment at a time, trusting and praying in my Lord, knowing that He does have it all under control, He knows the beginning and the end, and all the in between.

One thought on “The Narcotic of Activity

  1. Now here’s a topic I could write volumes about, Chris. Narcotic of activity: one of Satan’s tools so effectively used today. It’s that “human doer” mentality instead of the “human being” mindset that leads us astray so much of the time. Thank you for this blessed reminder.

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