Catching Up

Summer has ended.  Fall is upon us.  And, sooner than we like….Thanksgiving and Christmas are here, and the New Year awaits.  I don’t know about you….I’m still thinking 2011 just started!

Five11 Coaching has been going through some changes and I am so excited to get some momentum behind these changes.  We continue to offer health coaching through Take Shape for Life.  And, now we are putting more “umph” behind  life coaching.  Yee haw!

One of my main passions is life coaching for women.  However, that can be a pretty broad spectrum and I’ve been struggling to figure out the right words to define what that means for Five11 Coaching.  The other day, though, it hit me.  I was reading  The Scent of Water by Naomi Zacharias, and these words jumped out at me:

The mission is to affirm who she is.

That is me and what I so desire for every woman I meet – she is NOT what she does, rather she is WHO she is, created by a God who uniquely created her for a purpose designed specifically for HER.  No one else. How does she figure that out? By being who she is – not by doing 1000 things to try and figure it out.  And part of my goal in life coaching is to come alongside a woman and partner with her in figuring that out – who is she?

I am excited and so thankful for the opportunities placed in front of me.  May you have a day full of adventure, inspiration, and peace.



2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. We ladies want to be valued for who we are, but what we do seems to define who we are, and if we are worthy of an opinion. God wants us to know who we are in Him, and not just being in every church meeting, and any event that we can get on our schedule. I feel like he wants us to BE with him, and then go and DO out of that love for him. I find that sometimes backwards and hard to carry out in my life.

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