Here we go again…

Life is funny. I’m funny. As I typed in the wordpress address to begin writing this post, I was hesitant, anxious, nervous, and excited. Weird – why? Maybe because I am trying one more time to be consistent – one more time to really blog about what matters and share life with those who want to read, and simply afraid I’ll fail again due to time constraints, or simply lack of my own motivation to post.

Alas, though – here I go again. Here we go again.

Let’s recap what the past few months have held in our home. In summary, our family has ended one chapter of this adventure and began a new one. The previous chapter began well, reached a peak, and then began to head towards a dismal ending. The heroine and her team were slowly sinking down the swirly as life, demands, people, tension, new responsibilities, new dramas, and new opportunities arose. The great Author of this adventure had to finally step in and rescue His heroine in a way He only can make end well because the heroine was doing a lousy job trying to make all the pieces fit together!

Thus, the previous chapter of the heroine (me) working on church staff part time, as well as full time mom/wife and part time health/life coach has closed. In ways that only the Author (God) can manage, the new chapter holds exciting new roads as the heroine is able to focus on Team Mattix while continuing on with life & health coaching.  And, the relationships established at our church will continue- we aren’t leaving town and I am so thankful that I can fully pursue those relationships now.  One additional thing I am thankful for, too, is the mental space that this has freed up for me- mental space to think, dream, and simply be. And don’t worry – they’ll be quite a few more posts about the importance of “being”. In fact, I’ve got a whole new story being written about that business of “being” for women.

So – hold on tight….stay tuned….quietness and quirkiness are ahead and I am glad you are along for the ride.



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