Ponderings – #2

A continuation of hearing from you – tell me what you think of the following statements:

“What he (God) calls us to do is in accord with a larger task – that of being.  We are not what we do, but we do become like whom we serve.”

“A life theme is not our mission, moral, or purpose.  It is the significance of our life as seen by those who are close enough to sense how our life either reveals or fails to make known the character of God.”


One thought on “Ponderings – #2

  1. “Be Still,” my soul, for just when you are still,
    Can God reveal Himself to you; until
    Through you His love and light and life can freely flow;
    In stillness God can work through you and reach
    The souls around you. He then through you can teach
    His lessons, and his power in weakness show.”
    (Streams in the Desert by Cowman)

    We’re always being watched and secretly “evaluated” by those around us, by both believers and unbelievers. A Christ-centered individual must constantly ask him/herself if their life exhibits the manner in which they were called.

    We are not what we do, but we do become like whom we serve.”…idols come in all forms.

    Being…a state of mind?…a state of spirituality?…

    A state of being…practicing the presence of Christ moment by moment. So attune and aware of His presence…a constant, continual communication between Creator and creation.


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