Too big?

Last week, I stumped myself.  As I’ve continued to pursue my life coaching certification, I’ve learned all about how to advise folks with goals, timelines, and to dream big!  It is pretty hard to achieve a big dream if you don’t verbalize and talk about it – and then make realistic plans to achieve it.

As we were driving home from a trip to visit family and friends, my husband was passing the time by asking “big” questions – what would you do if our debt was all paid off and you received $1000.  Or, the classic ice breaker question – if time and money were unlimited and success guaranteed, what would you do?  Well – I answered that one and then immediately said to myself “that dream is too big”.

Hum….what happened?  How can I verbally talk about dreams of opening an office in our quaint downtown area, or speak of living on a sailboat, yet when I verbalized this specific “big” dream, I had no hope it would ever be accomplished.  And you know what – it made me sad.  Sad to realize that I didn’t believe deep deep down that our God could do anything He so chose and that this dream was beyond His reach.  Sad that my reaction wasn’t one of “wouldn’t that be amazing” but rather “tuck that away – it’ll never happen”.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me I need to be in Your Word, speaking Your truth into my life daily – moment by moment – and thank you that You know me and my deepest dreams and desires and if one day You choose to grant that big ol’ crazy dream I have, I’ll know it is all You and all glory will be given to you.

2 thoughts on “Too big?

  1. I know the feeling! I don’t know why I have that tendency to squash my own dreams. By the way, is that picture up top you? Where was it taken? It is so cool!

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