Five11 Coaching Notes – November 2010

November 2010


Encouragement comes in many forms. A word aptly spoken. A gesture eloquently performed and gracefully received. A quiet thought penetrating a busy mind. Five11 Coaching seeks to add to the great things of your day with a letter of encouragement, a thought to a challenge, and a moment of inspiration. Enjoy this month’s note.


Do you ever look back on your life and wonder why in the world you are still worrying about the same things you were 5 years ago, consumed by the same thoughts of discontentment or frustration that consumed you even 1 year ago?

I know I do and often times, the only way I mark time anymore is by the ages of my children. I look at photos, see myself and am amazed that I’ve worn that shirt for 5 years, and if you asked me, I’d tell you I’d only had it for a year or so. Or, we share another birthday of time marching on and I remember the things I thought the year prior about their life – oh, they are growing up and I need to spend more time 1-1 with them, or she would be great at playing the piano and I need to look into lessons for her…..only to NOT pursue any of those thoughts for a year, if not more.

The good news? I am pretty sure I am not alone in this boat. 🙂 The even better news? I can change, starting today – right now. BUT it won’t just happen. Just like I won’t just ‘happen’ to have a new shirt to wear – I have to make the time and effort to go and purchase a new one, which may not be pleasant in the dressing room or on the pocketbook, but I have to choose to do it and take action upon my choice.

The same is true for your own health. Still frustrated that your pants are getting tighter, yet you are exercising 3 times a week? Still aggravated that you try and try to eat better, but nothing seems to be working? Well – I was and finally decided to stop thinking/worrying/consuming myself with trying to lose the weight and decided to take steps to be done with it – once and for all. And, that is where Take Shape for Life came in for me – it was simple, it fit with my lifestyle and it is successful. 40 pounds in 4 months – the results speak for themselves.

So be encouraged! Whether it is your health, your spending habits, or even the making of your bed – you can make a choice today to change and day by day, step by step, you’ll look back 1 year from now and realize that those worries are no longer in the forefront of your mind and have been replaced by something much better – peace.

Challenge. Inspire.

I think this month I embedded a challenge within the encouragement, so a double whammy for you today! A few words from Anne Frank to challenge us today:

“Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”

“Life is wild and chaotic and beautiful and sacred all at the same time. I’ve learned that celebrating in the midst of that wildness and chaos makes the beauty and sacredness much clearer. That’s one of God’s greatest gifts.” Shauna Niequist


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