Kwambekenya – 2007

An oldie, but a goodie.  🙂  I reposted my ‘take aways’ from my trip to Kenya in August of 2007.  Enjoy.


The Take Away’s….

It has been a week since I have been home from Kenya, and I must say the transition has been much harder than i thought. Half of the struggle for me is finding a place in my head to put all of these experiences and new things. Those that know me, know that I like order and clear logical thinking. So, to be unable to find a home in my head and thoughts for my new experiences was quite a struggle. But, each day has gotten better, and each day I have been gently reminded over and over again by my lovely little girls and amazingly patient husband that they need me to be here in the present for them, not re-living my memories.What is the main thing I am taking away from this experience? There are different levels, I think, of my learning and what the Lord taught me. The one I will share, however, is something so easily forgotten. The value that I have in Christ, and the value that He places on me and the basis for my salvation is not how much I can do, what I can do, or how what I do will affect you, rather it is just ‘being’. I am loved by my Creator unconditionally, and without having to do extraordinary tasks to meet up to His qualifications. And, before those of you out there start to worry, I am fully aware that there is a ‘doing’ aspect of salvation in that I have to acknowledge my sins and need for Christ and His sacrifice for me, yet my salvation is not based on my works, but just on the acceptance of the fact that Jesus did die for me while i was yet a sinner. It wasn’t after I had proved my worth. The African people do not embrace the culture of ‘doing’ as we do in America and it is so evident in their daily lives. They are excited and thankful to just ‘be’, and not worried so much about ‘doing’ in order to win your approval.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to go and so thankful for seeing another piece of the awesome works of our Creator. Enjoy the pictures from the beach.


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