A Story

There once was a girl who tried her hardest, applied herself at school, and got good grades.  At the end of the school year, though, she was not given any awards for her ‘good’ grades because she was good at everything, but not great great great at one thing.  All in all, there was nothing wrong with that – and she should be proud.  However, she wanted to hear her name called at the awards ceremony.  She wanted to have a ‘top of the class’ award. She wanted to be noticed just a little bit for all of that hard work.

So, after tears and prayers, a wise woman advised her to choose one thing the next year to be great at.  She should still be good at everything and apply herself well, but choose one thing to excel at and create a goal for herself to always do above and beyond in that class.

So, this girl did.  A school year went by, which for this girl was a long time to keep up her goals.  But, she continued, persevered, and continued doing well in everything, but choosing one thing to be excellent at.  Alas, the time came for the awards ceremony.  Her hopes were high for achieving a ‘top of the class’ award in the subject she chose to excel in, but rather than finding her possible success in that award, she had already found it – she had pursued her goal all year long and had the inner satisfaction of being excellent in that subject, regardless of whether or not she was the top of her class.

The time came for the top performers in her class for that subject to be announced.  And, her name was called.  Excitement and unbelief – it worked!!  She chose one thing to excel at and she did it!  She was the top of her class in that subject.  That wise woman who advised her of these things sat in the audience, watching this girl walk to the stage with tears coming down her face – proud of this girl, and humbled to see how the Lord chose to exalt her in that moment.

What an amazing God we serve who listens to the desires of our hearts, holds our tears for us, knows the number of our days, and has a plan for us that is unique and fulfilling.  I am so glad I serve a great God.


3 thoughts on “A Story

  1. Such a beautiful story Chris!!!! God really gave you some sweet words for your daughter, thank you! It was so encouraging!!!

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