Live & In Concert!

I’ll admit -I haven’t been to many live concerts and I really have never been to a concert that you had to pay a significant amount of money for.  BUT the few concerts I’ve been too have been fantastic and make me consider dropping everything and becoming a rock star!

The banjo

One of our family’s favorite songs is Wildflower by the JaneDear Girls.  Low and behold, I discovered they were going to be performing near us, it was free, and I could surprise the girls!  What could go wrong?  Well – we did have a great time, but there are a few take aways:

  • If something is touted as “family friendly”, there is not guarantee that their definition of “family friendly” is the same as yours.
  • Never, under any circumstance, believe that the star act you are waiting to see will begin at the time advertised.
  • Remember ear plugs, even for country music.
  • There is a direct correlation between the volume of the music and the amount of beers the DJ has had.
  • The band playing back up, the techies, and the planners are just as important as the person whose name is on the band.
  • Lastly, the Jane Dear girls are pretty awesome – talented singers, talented musicians, and normal looking females who dress appropriately (which for a family of 3 girls is a huge win!).
Enjoy the pictures.  My girls were such troopers in waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, but memories were created and time was well spent together.

Opening Act - Stealing Angels

Waiting for Jane Dear - a little crowded...

The Jane Dear Band

One thought on “Live & In Concert!

  1. Love your post, Chris. Two of the three girls look like they’re having a good time, but I just don’t know about the shortest one. Thanks for posting about your night on the town.

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