Mother’s Day –

There are memories I have of past mothers day that always present themselves on this day:

– Mother’s Day as a woman who just had a miscarriage of her first child – would I ever be a mom?

– Mother’s Day as a new mom – dedicating her child to God.

– Mother’s Day as we visited Grace Bible Church in Virginia Beach, and crying as realized that we had finally found our church home after searching for a year in Virginia Beach.

– Mother’s Day as my family sat in front of my gift – watching it go round and round (the washing machine).

And then today – Mother’s day.  Do I feel equipped as a mother?  Nope.

Do I still struggle with the idea that these children the Lord has given me will one day remember me as their mother in those ‘stories’ in their head?  There are many moments I still have to tell myself “I am the mother here…not a grown up kid.”  Yep.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Cheryl and my mother-in-law in Diana.  You’ve shaped me through these years, and I am so thankful.

And, to all the moms out there who have empty arms- cling to our Savior.

To the moms struggling to get through this season of life – it’ll pass soon.  Just take it one moment at a time.

And, to the mom’s whose children have left home – savor the quiet and use that time to pray, pray, pray.  Only in heaven will we, as moms, know the eternal impact our prayers had for our children.

Happy Mother’s Day.


One thought on “Moments

  1. I like the emphasis of prayer for our kids. I don’t do it enough and sometimes I kid myself that I will do it more as they grow up and I have more time. But I truly need to do it more now. Carve out time for it…

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