Days 5841 – 6570

And now, the easier post of the past few years.  After our three years in Virginia Beach, Dean was transferred to Elizabeth City with the YMCA.  Again, it was an opportunity that we were a bit hesitant about – Elizabeth City?? Where was that and WHAT was that?  It was only an hour from Virginia Beach, but seemed worlds away.  We went from city and beach to country and farms.  But, the water was still here in the form of a beautiful river.

We had the pleasure of finding a new home again and this time we were able to buy.  It was again a stressful communication time for Dean and I, but I had resolved and knew the Lord needed me to submit to my husband and simply trust him to take care of those details.  And, after the struggles we had been through of the past year in our marriage, I just didn’t have much ‘fight’ left in me.  We would move and the Lord would provide us with a house.  Period.

After 6 months apart (again) we were finally a family living in our new home, adjusting to our area.  We made friends and found a church much quicker and were so thankful.  We began to really make a place for ourselves here, and for the first time in 16 years, we felt like we could stay here.  We can see our children graduating from school here.  And, that is a first.

The past years have seen our girls go from older “little” girls to tweens and teens.  Our “normal” was once again shifted from mom and dad needing to be physically present to us being 100% fully and emotionally present when they are home.  This was/is much harder than the physical side, though you could not have told me that when they were little.  🙂  Our family also expanded now to include 3 dachshunds – Daisy, Illy, and Little Man.  Finally, Dean had another ‘man’ in the house.

And, these past years have healed our marriage.  We continue to get to know each other as who we had become over the earlier years when our communication was limited due to life/stress/children/or simply neglect.  We have realized the value of each other and how we are truly each other’s best friend.  And, that wasn’t an easy place to get to, but oh so very worth it.  I want to share my day with my husband.  He is the one who could have given up on me and put up a wall and lived with this emotionally fried woman a few years ago.  Instead, by the grace of God, he chose to invest in me and live out his role as Scripture states.  It hasn’t been easy for him.  And, it hasn’t been easy for me to embrace my role at times, but yet I know my obedience to the dailies of what the Lord puts in front of me is the way He has for me.  I will trust Him with my future as He certainly has a better handle of what is to come than I ever will.

Thanks for the 18 years, Dean.  And you – I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey down memory lane of our 18 years.  Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Days 5841 – 6570

  1. Yes, I have enjoyed the journey down memory lane, Chris. Thank you for sharing and for opening yourself up to those around you…and to the world. May you and Dean be blessed more and more each day the Lord gives to you and your family.

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