Days 2192 – 3286

Whew – years 6-9 flew by.  We moved two times, and added two more children to the mix – now we were parents of three girls!  And, to top that off, we added another dachshund, making us a happy family of 7 – 5 humans and 2 dogs!

During this time, Dean also completed his Masters Degree and we were finally able to purchase vehicle number 2!  I look back and chuckle at us managing with one car as a family of 5, but we did.  I took a break from Sylvan to focus on these little girls we were given.  I began my love of the Flylady routine, and rode the crest of the Internet shopping days when there were coupon codes everywhere, free shipping abounding, and tons of stuff was FREE while companies figured out how to handle online shopping.  The highlight of these shopping days for me was when UPS delivered 9 boxes to our door….and I think I paid less than $30 total for all that stuff.  Oh, what fun that was for a mom who longed for outside interaction with the rest of the adult world.

For me personally, I look back at that time and sigh some at the immature ways I handled things.  I was reaching that point in a marriage/relationship where I had two choices – I either focused on God’s design for marriage and accepted the role as wife and mother, or I chose to do my own thing and fight way too many battles doing that.  And, you can imagine what I chose – my way.  My Dean will tell you that I wasn’t fun to live with those days – a mix of frustration of being home with little people ALL the time, frustration with a husband who had a great job but was always gone, and then expectations that took 9 years to come to light…and the crashing reality that those expectations of a husband/marriage would not be met -they simply weren’t realistic (but I wasn’t going to admit that).

But, during that time, all this was tucked away.  The needs of those little people around me were too great and I just had to move forward whether I wanted to or not.  Soon, though, those feelings would come out…and there was no tucking them back in.


One thought on “Days 2192 – 3286

  1. Thank you for allowing me to be an integral part of your lives during these years, Chris. The Lord will bless you and Dean beyond what you could ever imagine for your faithfulness to Him and to your three precious girls. I believe he already has in so many ways.

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