Day 1 – 1095

Ah, the first 3 years of a marriage.  Full of wonderment of a new person with you ALL the time, and full of the crashes of reality that involve a new person with you ALL the time.

The first year we lived in a furnished 2 bedroom apartment in Arkansas.  It was a four-plex and we were surrounded by single women in the 70’s on all sides.  And maybe, just maybe, they were blessed with not so perfect hearing?  I don’t think it was until years later we realized that maybe, just maybe, those walls were thin between the apartments and maybe, just maybe, they could hear us – all the time?  For some blissful ignorant reasoning it never clicked in my head that if we could hear our neighbor snoring in her bed at night that she might possibly be able to hear us.  Ah, I am so thankful for that ignorance!

These 3 years involved graduation from university for both of us, an epic train adventure across the country, a trip to Switzerland for Dean’s brothers wedding (which is where the picture was taken), a decision to move to North Carolina to pursue a graduate degree, and the addition to our family of one lovely little dachshund named Heidi.  A treat for us was enjoying Subway for dinner when we would split a $3 footlong meatball sub and then come back to our apartment and watch Star Trek on the 3 channels we got on our little tv.  We were living the life!

It was during these years that we began our journey with the YMCA as well – me as a swim instructor and Dean as a lifeguard.  Little did we know where that would lead us over the coming years.



3 thoughts on “Day 1 – 1095

  1. ALSO…your sister-in-law lived with you for a short period of time in that little apartment. I’m sure that was weird for you, but talk about blissful ignorance: I thought it was the most fun to live there, staying up late with my brother making crappy coffee filled with hot cocoa mix (our first mocha’s!) and hang out with you two. I’m sure it was not the most ideal for your newlyweds…but thanks. 🙂

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