Six thousand and seventy days.  18 years.  One hundred fifty seven and six hundred eight hours.  Too many seconds to try and write out.

Today Dean & I celebrate 18 years of marriage.  And to be honest, 18 years ago I thought it would be pretty fun and easy to get here….but it hasn’t.  It has been hard work.  It has not all been a bed or roses, nor has it all been a path full of thorns.  But, like any relationship, it has required work.  And, like any relationship, we choose to celebrate that we have made it these 18 years.  So, in honor of these 18, I am going to blog a few posts about the years.  Enjoy the coming days of posts – it’ll prove interesting, to say the least!

Happy Anniversary, Dean.  18+ years ago when we met at Central Baptist in Jonesboro, Arkansas, I had no idea the adventures that the years would hold for us.  No idea of the children we would have.  No idea of the moves and jobs and sorrows and joys the 18 years would bring.  Yet, here we are and I am so thankful we have held on to our Lord and to each other these past 18 years.  I love you.  Christene


4 thoughts on “6570

  1. Our friend, Cheryl Meints announced us your 18th wedding anniversary. We have frequently seen photos of you and your family in Cheryl’s albums and it was always a pleasure to watch and see the girls grow up. Receiving this link made me sending our best wishes and our congratulations to your 18th wedding anniversary and our hope for the future. Like Don and Cheryl we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary last year and we sincerely wish you will top this number!

    Our warmest regards,

    Thea and Juergen Adams

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