Book Review – Same Life, New Story


Jan Silvious’s latest book Same Life, New Story is a refreshing, encouraging, and challenging read.  Jan weaves stories of 10 various women of the Bible with real life examples of how our decisions, thoughts, and relationships can either move us forward in life, or keep us hunkered down in bitterness and regret.  Jan further expounds on the issue that our immediate story may not change, but we can make a choice in our perspective, thus creating a new story to be told as time unfolds.  She states:  “A new story emerges with power and great impact when we focus on our strengths and recognize that we are made for the moment in which we live and are gifted to make a difference in our own corner of the world.” 

Same Life, New Story is a refreshing look at timeless truths we have often heard, but Jan’s ability to interweave them with Biblical characters and Truth, makes this a great read for personal development, book clubs, or Bible studies.

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