Monday Musings

So many things….so many words…but not enough to write a whole post, so a few musings from my world:

– Why do children spend 5 minutes arguing over whether the other sister gets 5 more minutes on the computer or 7 more minutes? Do they not see that by the time they finish, the time is up for both sides of the argument?

– Without boring you with endless details, can someone tell me why some people think it is okay to treat a waiter/waitress at a restaurant with contempt and sheer rudeness as they are doing their job?  I am constantly amazed at how rude and mean humanity can be to each other.  A.m.a.z.i.n.g.

– If you close your eyes at a restaurant in Washington DC, you might think you aren’t in America anymore. All sorts of languages pour forth around you. It is pretty amazing (in a much better way than rude people are!  :))

– While a hotel is being renovated, attempting to turn a 2 bedroom suite into the ‘restaurant’ isn’t fooling anyone.

– And finally, after 18 years of marriage, no matter where we sleep, my husband and I always keep the the same side of the bed – me on the left and he on the right. I guess that would shake our world up a bit if we ….. switched!!…. 🙂




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