How to Survive Narnia

My daughter and her friend are quite creative.  So creative, in fact, that after watching The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian, they created the following list.  Enjoy the laugh!

Rules for Surviving Narnia

1.) ALWAYS remember: Stranger Danger and never take tea from someone whose flute makes you see things in the fire.

2.) NEVER under ANY circmstances trust the trees.

3.) Those cute yard statues? They’re actually dead people.

4.) Stay out of the beaver’s dam house. 🙂

5.) Don’t trust pale ladies with furry white coats.

6.) Those reindeer aren’t friendly…

7.) Don’t leave your siblings for weird cookies.

8.) Believe your little sister, but not your little brother!

9.) Lastly, not all wardrobes lead to Narnia, beware solid oak hurts, so don’t try running into it!

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