Yep – that long….

Once again, my intentions weren’t enough.  Time and people and busy-ness crept in, only to leave my mind in a whirl most days.  Posts were written in my head, but never did they grace the keyboard of the computer.  Alas, today is a new day.

So, for today….let’s do some Monday musings….

1- My will power is strong, and I am quite stubborn, but if you put a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup in front of me, leave it on the counter, and don’t hide your ‘candy stash’ well in the pantry……don’t plan on your peanut butter cup waiting for you later.

2- I work with a lot of people.  And, no matter how you put it, we are all weird, crazy, unique, and special.  For some, it just takes a little digging to get past the weird and crazy to the unique and special.

3 – Balance is good.  Too much of anything – on either side of the spectrum – is bad.

4- My children are funny, but I miss so much laughter when I am not ‘present’ in the moment.

5- Lastly, I share a quote from my friend Eileen’s blog from the book “This Beautiful Mess” by Rick McKinley. This quote is in reference to our own tendency to be in control of all things..for whatever reason or for whatever good –

“The kingdom is. That’s it. Jesus does not need you or me to nail it together.”


Lately, I’ve spent too many days trying to put it all together, often jumping 3 steps ahead of what the Lord was going to do (or at least what I thought he was going to do).  I need to simply stop.  He is in control – always and forever.

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