I recently read an article entitled “Deepening Our Conversation with God.”  The article is an interview between Nouwen,  author of The Wounded Healer,  and Richard Foster, author of Prayer and Celebration of Discipline.  The article was a great read, a slow read, and a read that you re-read wanting to absorb it again.  For me, the following one sentence stood out from among the 4 pages of dialogue:

“One of the greatest expressions of love is simply to notice people and to pay attention to them.”

I think we have all had moments when we have felt this love by someone – they noticed our new haircut, or they complimented our outfit.  They told us they liked our smile, or they were thankful for our friendship.  Moments like this can’t be planned, scheduled, or added to the agenda.  They become a part of our day by someone noticing…taking the time to look around them and notice.

I am amazed at my own capacity to NOT notice things.  I stay so absorbed in my own little world, hardly peeking out to check out those around me.  It seems so easy to intentionally pay attention and intentionally notice.  But, I am surrounded by the constant noise of phones, music, children, questions, not to mention the own conversation with myself that is always swirling around in my head.

Today though, I will be intentional.  I will be ‘a noticer.’  Habits are created one day at a time, so let’s start with today.

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