Catching Up…

Yep – slacking again.  However, I read this post below by Lysa TerKeurst and thought “wow- that is me.”  I am not sure, though, I am to the ‘enjoying’ part yet…. 🙂

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Monday, May 10, 2010

This is the thing about Mother’s Day- we Moms are typically the planners in the home. We are the creatures who dream up perfect days and with great intentionality make them happen.

We plan the parties.

We buy the cakes.

We care if the plates and napkins match.

We would never have a pirate pinata at a cowboy party. Mixing themes is like having sand in our sheets.

And then along comes the glorious day when Mothers are to be celebrated and things get a little complicated.

You know what I mean.

So, for years I found myself internally grumpy on the Happy Mother’s Day. I resented the last minute obligatory flowers and quick bought card from the Walgreens. I pouted when no one made reservations and we wound having to run to the grocery and eat lunch at home. I moped around when I realized after lunch no plans had been made to surprise me with a little afternoon getaway.

Fancy is not what I was after. It was forethought.

But then I got tired of being grumpy on the Happy Mother’s Day. I got tired of setting up great expectations on this day for my people to read my mind and instinctively know what would make me feel celebrated. I got tired of caring that things were last minute, my presents were from our recycled gifts closet, and no one picked up on my demonstrative clues that a mani/ pedi would be bomb-diggity.

Yes, I got tired of all that.

So, a couple of years ago I made the decision to be happy on Mother’s Day. And I stopped wanting my people to read my mind. If I wanted to do something on this day, I made plans to do it.

Yesterday was my best Mother’s Day ever.

Why? Because I decided ahead of time it would be the best ever. I was thrilled with my homemade lunch. I found great joy in the recycled gift. I giggled as I watched my boys dash out of church headed to the Walgreens. And I teared up at the genuine sentiments of love scribbled all over my card.

And today I’ll smile as I make my own appointment for a mani/ pedi and relish in the gift of perfect imperfections.


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