The Final Match-up

Imagine the scenario – you’ve known for a few weeks the match was coming.  You have prepared, you have scoured for the best equipment, you’ve trained and re-trained, you’ve played out all sorts of the scenarios and you are ready for the final match-up.

The days tick by, each day closer to the match-up.  Excitement builds and then….Wednesday finally arrives and it is the beginning of triple coupons at Harris Teeter.  You have been planning this match up for days, thinking you are prepared.  Your coupons are organized, you know what is free, you know where the deals are…and then you are thrwated….by the binder ladies.

The binder ladies….those with the 2 inch 3 ring binder filled with page after page of coupons that have been highly organized.  Need Prego Pasta sauce – turn to page 13, right beneath the Playtex coupon.  How about that $1 coupon for Formula 409? Oh, right there on page 4 in the “cleaner” section.  And, when you have a 2 inch binder to fill, do you think you just have one coupon of each?  Oh no…..they are buying everything off the shelf – ready to stock up just in case the power is knocked out for a week and they might need to supply the entire neighborhood with Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaner so they can know that toilet seat is clean that they can’t see in the dark!!

Ah, seriously though- that was my adventure this week and I was in awe of those ladies.  In awe and in great respect, for I used to be a binder lady and I am proud to say I stocked the shelves of the local crisis pregnancy center with toothbrushes, deodorants, toothpaste, and other odds and ends that I collected for free using my coupons.  Now, however, life seems to have gotten in the way of my binder time.  I am simply trying to get my bargains, only wanting 1, maybe 2, of those Scrubbing Bubbles, all the while trying not to enviously eye the ladies whose carts are fully stocked, with their coupon binder resting as their triumphant centerpiece.

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