Sunday Self-musings

This post will make most of you shake your head and wonder why it took me so long to “get it”, but alas… did.  A few things I’ve realized over the past weeks and finally come to grips with –

  • Concealer is a necessity – not just for those late nights or lack of sleep nights, but now necessary every day, no matter how long or well I slept the night before.
  • We’ve been “Dave Ramsey'”ing it, thus when the hair dryer broke, I did not buy a new one.  Note to self – buy a hair dryer…your self image and your hair needs it.  That good ol air dry look simply doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • I cannot multi-task like i used to – you know, listening to 3 girls chatting non-stop about their day, having my own thoughts of trying to figure out what is for supper, continuing to think about an issue I’m trying to resolve, and trying to figure out if my husband will be home for dinner and if not then maybe we can have pizza, but then thinking there isn’t budget money for that, and then oh, the budget…did I pay the bills due on the 15th….what did you say, girls?  I can only do ONE thinking thing at a time.
  • At the end of the day I simply must reserve a little energy for my husband.  I can try and go the extra mile, but falling asleep at 8 when he is telling me about his day just isn’t great for the marriage.

Yep – taken me 30+ years to figure some of those out and finally get them through this thick skull of mine, BUT alas I have figured them out (at least for today)……


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